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Integradde AM Training Sessions: Additive Manufacturing for Manufacturers and Final Users

General Online Event

Join the INTEGRADDE training sessions: Additive Manufacturing for Manufacturers and Final Users

The INTEGRADDE consortia has come together to offer you a 2-part online training session on June 25th and July 2nd on Additive Manufacturing.

This is an optimal way of transferring the knowledge and know-how obtained through the development of the project activities to the entire sector, including academia, professionals and public authorities.

The main objectives of these trainings are, on one hand, present the benefits for the industry of the technologies developed within project and, on the other hand, boost the acceptance and integration of the project results in the Advanced Manufacturing value chain.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for entities and professionals in the sector to get first-hand information on how to apply these technologies, gain confidence about their use and stay at the forefront of the industry´s future. 

On the agenda: 

The first session will take place on June 25th and will be oriented to manufacturers. The main topics covered will be: 

  • 01 Introduction by Bureau Veritas (Isabelle DAM)
  • 02 Design principles for additive manufacturing: design rules for additive manufacturing by LMS |general principles for design by Bureau Veritas (Isabelle DAM)
  • 03 Material procurement : Materials and defects by Bureau Veritas (Patrice Castagna)
  • 04 Process and post processing: Prototype made with WAAM process by MX3D (Filippo Gilardi) |Presentation about laser process by AIMEN (Jorge Arias) | post processing methods by LMS 

The second session will take place on July 2nd and will be oriented to final users. The main topics covered will be:
  • General introduction to Additive Manufacturing
  • Market of Additive Manufacturing and expectations 
  • Material modelling 
  • HSE (Health, safety and environmental protection in the manufacturing sector)
  • Standardization activities
  • Quality and Certification 
Both sessions, organised by Bureau Veritas, will be taught by experts from top-level organisations and companies, among them:

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