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Open Pilot Lines

Moreover, INTEGRADDE also targets the creation of a network of open-pilots –linked with the RTOs owning existing AM facilities— with the goal of providing services and testing facilities for the uptake of AM in EU industry ecosystem (mainly SMEs and MidCaps). These open-pilots will demonstrate INTEGRADDE on different schemes and AM processes, ensuring interoperability and usability of INTEGRADDE concept in a generic way:

AIMEN (ES) owning different robot-based cells for LMD-powder (LMD-p).

WEST (SE) owning different robot-based cells for WAAM and LMD-wire (LMD-w).

CEA (FR) provides access to robot-based workstation for WAAM and different equipment for inspection of AM components.

IREPA (FR) owning CNC-based cells for LMD-p and robot-based LMD-w with capability to process Titanium.