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Check the current events & publications of The INTEGRADDE Project.


The major goal is to develop a novel end-to-end solution capable of demonstrating the potential of Directed Energy Deposition processes for the manufacturing of certified large metal components in strategic metalworking sectors.


Check here the main objectives of the Project.

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Next Events

  • Online

    WEBINAR: Challenges for the European Manufacturing Industry

    This panel discussion will be hosted by representatives of 5 European manufacturing digitisation initiatives: Integradde, DIMOFAC, Penelope, LevelUp and I4MS. Register now!

  • Online

    Integradde 1st Review Meeting

    INTEGRADDE had its 1st review meeting with the European Commission, showcasing the activities implemented during the initial 18 months of the project.

  • Online

    Webinar: Young generations & Manufacturing: an insurmountable gap?

    However crucial manufacturing can be for our daily lives, producing the computer we are working on, the book we are reading and the food we are eating, the sector is losing momentum and students turn away from it. Lack of flexibility, wages, etc. the attractiveness of the industry suffers from many clichés. Join our Industry 4.0 Web Café to discuss how to give a second wind to manufacturing!