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Research Team Production Technology West at University West works on the development of production processes in the manufacturing industry. The focus is in welding, machining, AM in metals, surface treatment, automation, inspection and control. We are located at the Production Technology Centre in Trollhättan, Sweden. This research center has advanced equipment and everything needed to develop new, smart production methods to strengthen the competitiveness of technological companies and to maintain industrial production in Sweden.

In this regard, WEST owns the following technological capabilities:

Several Welding Sources (MIG/MAG, TIG, Plasma) mounted on a robot from ABB providing up to 2.5 m long working areas for arc welding or AM.

  • Fronius XXX CMT
  • Robotized WAAM:
    • ABB: IRB 4400

Process monitoring equipment: Spectrometers (UV-VIS-IR), IR-pyrometers, VIS-cameras, IR-cameras, HSI-camera, I/O:s for thermocouples, arc voltage and welding current, Robot communication including logging of motion.

Testing Laboratories: Mechanical testing, microstructural characterization, Non-destructive testing (Radiographic, Ultrasonic,) Metrology, Environmental analysis.