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Irepa Laser Technology Transfer Centre

IREPA LASER is an independent Centre of Technology Transfer (CRT), specialised in the field of materials treatment by laser, mainly for micro-machining, laser welding and additive manufacturing. It carries out feasibility studies, develops prototypes, and manufactures industrial pre-series on request. It also provides trainings for the initial and on-going training in laser processes and laser safety. IREPA LASER dedicates a large part of its budget (40%) to the development of new laser techniques/processes. IREPA LASER is member of the MICA CARNOT Institute network, specialized in the field of materials, surfaces and interfaces.

IREPA LASER has devoted more than 10 years of R&D effort to develop an in-house AM solution named DED-CLAD® (Construction Laser Additive Directe), and founded the spin-off BeAM, in charge of the commercialization of the DED-AM machines. DED-CLAD process can find applications between a TRL 2 (like the development of Functional Graded Material: eg: Ti/Inconel) up to a TRL9 for specific repairing applications. And IREPA LASER has developed its own experience in the field of modelling and simulation applied on AM application, based on the use of the GEONX softwares.

IREPA LASER is equipped with the following technological capabilities:

Several Laser Sources (diode lasers and fibre lasers up to 10kW) integrated on various robot and CNC workstations.

  • Diode Laser IPG DLR 2000 (2kW – 600µm)
  • Fibre Lasers IPG YLR200, YLR500, YLS600QCW, YLR750, YLR6000, YLR10000
  • Femtosecond lasers AMPLITUDE 30W/150µJ, 20W/40µJ
  • Fibre Laser IPG MOPA 30W and Fibre Laser SPI MOPA 20W
  • Diode pumped YAG laser TRUMPF 532nm 7W
  • Robots for 3D-DED application: ABB4400 and 2xCOMAU NJ (to come)
  • CNC workstation for LMD-P and LMD-w applications:
    • 2 machines 5 axis CNC and 2 machines 3 axis CNC
    • Optical systems: welding scanners for high power laser beams
  • Machine for 3D texturing and micro-machining: Georg Fischer FGMS400
  • New machine for WAAM application with 2 robots COMAU. Workspace 6x3x3m3

Testing Laboratories: Microstructural characterization, surface analysis, laser beam characteristics measurements, …

Material feeding equipment: DED-CoaxPrinter from PRECITEC, Wire Feeding Systems and TIG welding machines, and Powder Feeding Systems (Powder feeder Medicoat, PlasmaTechnic) coupled with in-house coaxial DED-CLAD® nozzles.