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AIMEN Technology Centre

AIMEN Technology Centre has a largest laser industrial applications centre in Spain, constituting the national reference centre for this technology. It provides facilities and expertise for process development and validation in support of the manufacturing industry. These facilities enable users to make an informed assessment on the applicability of alternative laser procedures. The facilities are also used to make prototype components and small production runs, where the use of specialized equipment is required.

In this regard, AIMEN owns the following technological capabilities:

Several Laser Sources (diode lasers, fibre lasers and disk lasers up to 16kW) mounted on different robot and CNC manipulators from ABB, KUKA, SIEMENS and REIS providing up to 6m long working areas for laser processing.

  • Disk Laser Trumpf TruDisk 16002 (16 kW)
  • Diode Laser LASERLINE LDF 6000-40 (6kW)
  • CO2 Laser Rofin DC035 (3,5kW)
  • Fibre Laser ROFIN FL15C (1,5 KW) and
  • Fibre Laser Trumpf TruFiber400 (400W)
  • Robotized LMD:
    • ABB: IRB 140, IRB 1400, IRB 4400, IRB 600
  • CNC LMD:
    • 5 axis CNC machine
    • REIS 9 axis gantry with work range of 5m*2m*1m

Testing Laboratories: Mechanical testing, microstructural characterization, Corrosion, Chemical-physical testing, Non-destructive testing (Radigraphic, Ultrasonic, LP, MP,…), Metrology, Environmental analysis.

Material feeding equipment: Wire Feeding Systems (Fronius TSP500, wire feeding torch torch coupled on a laserhead) and Powder Feeding Systems (Powder feeder Medicoat, Powder injection nozzle COAX8, Powder feeder GTV).