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Latest news


University Coimbra role in INTEGRADDE

The Collaborative Robotics Laboratory of the University of Coimbra is developing technologies that facilitate the integration of the different stages of the project.


Standardization in INTEGRADDE

In research projects, especially when public funding is provided, the effective, economic usability of the results is increasingly in the focus. Research projects must therefore be holistically and long-term oriented. For this purpose, DIN offers many years of expertise to provide optimum support for the market transfer and dissemination of innovative results from research and development.


IRT Jules Verne and INTEGRADDE

IRT Jules Verne embraces the industrial, scientific and technological challenges that concern five strategic industries: aeronautics, shipbuilding, automotive, energy and advanced manufacturing equipment.


Integrating Dimensional Metrology into post-processing optimization for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing technology continues offering more possibilities in terms of materials, dimensions, and dimensional accuracy of the manufactured objects.


Loiretech, your 4.0 Composite Part Industrializer

Active since 1988 in tooling engineering & manufacturing, Loiretech started its 4.0 industry transition


Moving towards zero defect additive manufacturing and welding of INVAR

Check out the collaboration between several INTEGRADDE partners to monitor, and to evaluate the monitored data of the WAAM process in their trials to create a zero-defect weld of additive manufactured feature


Integrating process awareness into optimization tools for AM

Process-driven optimization of parts produced via Direct Energy Deposition (DED) additive manufacturing methods


From space and rockets to energy optimization and cost reductions: how I4MS project coordinator sees the initiative herself

Interview with Mayte Carracedo, Project Coordinator of I4MS.

Integradde 12M Meeting_1
General Strasbourg (France)

Integradde 12M Meeting

Integradde Project held its 12M Meeting the 29th and 30th of October 2019.