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Webinar: Young generations & Manufacturing: an insurmountable gap?

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However crucial manufacturing can be for our daily lives, producing the computer we are working on, the book we are reading and the food we are eating, the sector is losing momentum and students turn away from it. Lack of flexibility, wages, etc. the attractiveness of the industry suffers from many clichés. Join our Industry 4.0 Web Café to discuss how to give a second wind to manufacturing!

On 15 November at 10:30 CET will be holding our fourth webinar of our Industry 4.0 Web Cafés. 

The Industry 4.0 Web Café is an initiative aiming to promote fruitful conversations on the societal challenges that the manufacturing sector is facing. The initiative is supported by 7 European industry-related projects: Integradde, DIMOFAC, Level-up, PeneloPe, I4MS, i4Q and Change2Twin.

This edition focuses on the following topic: “Young generations & Manufacturing: an insurmountable gap?”. Such an issue is all the more problematic since A study from 2018 predicted that more than 8 million manufacturing jobs worldwide could be unfilled in 2030. 

Register here: https://bit.ly/3s2im6T

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