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Integradde was at automatica 2022


"The know-how exists but it has to be known."

"The know-how exists but it has to be known."

If additive manufacturing processes for metal materials are now well-defined, they hardly are implemented in factories. 

INTEGRADDE was on stage at automatica 2022 with Lucía Alonso, from AIMEN, who explained in particular that industrial 3D printing doesn’t necessarily lack efficient technology and techniques, but rather experience to manipulate them. For this reason, it is one of INTEGRADDE’s mission statements to ensure knowledge transfer between research institutes and manufacturers.

This took place in a more global conversation with the central thread The Automation & Digitalisation Peak: The Ultimate Hike for Factories, and to which participants from other manufacturing initiatives had a say on the topic.


For instance, Konstantin von Haugwitz, from the PeneloPe project, insisted that digitalisation is not just “people getting replaced by machines'' (which immediately leads to a negative perception). Firstly, it is worth noting that machines are not replacing anyone since there is a huge labour shortage in the industry. And secondly, as pointed out by Monireh Pourjafarian, from DIMOFAC, “the great paradox of automation is that the desire to eliminate human labour always generates new tasks for humans” (Mary L. Gray, Computer Science Professor and Automation Researcher).

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