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Expression of Interest


Stay tuned for INTEGRADDE's Expression of Interest (EOI)! This opportunity addresses to metalworking SMEs and Midcaps at EU level, and will offer free-trials and other AM related services at no cost for the selected applicants.

Integradde is developping an end-to-end Digital Manufacturing solution, enabling a cybersecured bidirectional data flow for a seamless integration across the entire AM chain.

The project will launch an Expression of Interest (EOI) on June 1st, with the objectives of raise awareness among Metalworking companies at EU level, to identify the critical mass interested on implementing INTEGRADDE and to validate the network operation, services and acceptance. 

The EOI will be oriented to SMEs and Midcaps willing to implement AM solutions in their production process. These services will be offered at no cost for the selected applicants.

The Expression of Interest will choose 5 beneficiaries which will receive services from the ‘Network of Open Pilots Lines’ catalogue of services. The open pilot line network is made of four RTOs, each of them providing different schemes and AM processes:

  • AIMEN Technology Centre: owning different robot-based cells for LMD-powder (LMD-p).
  • WEST: owning different robot-based cells for WAAM and LMD-wire (LMD-w).
  • CEA: provides access to robot-based workstation for WAAM and different equipment for inspection of AM components.
  • IREPA: owning CNC-based cells for LMD-p and robot-based LMD-w with capability to process Titanium.
One additional beneficiary will receive these services from MX3D, the innovation leader in 3D metal printing and partner of INTEGRADDE.

The entire application process will be carried out through the open call management site hosted at Fundingbox, while the information about the EOI will be published in the Integradde community, information like the guide for applicants, the EOI announcement, the application form and a FAQ section among others.

Join the community and stay tuned for more information about the expression of interest !!